Top 10 Most Popular Cricket Tournaments in the world

Popular Cricket Tournaments in the world

Passion, followed by patriotism, is the single most motivating force for everyone involved in cricket, and as a result, cricket, as a distinct game, has drawn attention from billions throughout the world on a yearly basis. Yes, the global television coverage of cricket events is enough to turn heads, especially for those who enjoy hearing the cracking sound of the bat as it sends the bowl to the boundary.

We have narrowed down some of the best locations in the game where you can discover sports entertainment in exactly the correct quantity for those of you who are still new to the game and are trying hard to discover the appropriate event for you. Here are ten of the world's top cricket tournaments.

1.       ICC world test championship

The ICC global test championship, which began in August 2019, represents the truest and oldest spirit of the game, in which test teams from around the world compete for the duration of a test to decide who is the finest test team in the world.

1.       ICC cricket world cup

The ICC Cricket World Cup is the ultimate test for both those who play and those who love to watch cricket, as teams from all over the world compete for the title of world one-day cricket champion. Because the event occurs every four years, the anticipation is palpable.

1.       ICC champions trophy

Because the ICC champion's trophy is only second to the cricket world cup, the power play and passion that are expressed in the world cup are also presented with the same zeal in the champion's trophy. This competition, also known as the ICC knockout event, has been going on since 1998. If you enjoy a suspenseful game where the outcome is decided on the spot, the ICC champions' trophy is for you.

1.       ICC T20 world cup

Amazing thrillers, catchy themes, a short format, glittering points, and ready-to-move spectators are all characteristics of T20 cricket, and how can one forget that this is all there is when it comes to the thrill and excitement of the ICC T20 world cup?

1.       Pakistan Super League

If you enjoy low-scoring thrillers and high-scoring easy triumphs, the PSL is for you. On, a free OTT platform, you can easily watch the PSL 2021 live, as well as other matches and sports. The passion of cricket is injected in every over and, in fact, every bowl in the Pakistan Super League, which is the embodiment of what cricket fans seek from competitions.

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1.       Asia Cup

The Asia Cup, which has been played since 1983 and features the countries that make up the Asian Cricket Council (approximately 24 countries), has become one of the most anticipated tournaments in the world. This specific cup, which was initially scheduled to be held every two years, is associated with a lot of sweet and unpleasant memories for individuals living in the subcontinent.

1.       Champions League Twenty20

In the champions league twenty20, also known as CLT20, the top domestic players from major cricketing nations compete, and the competition is extremely thrilling as all of the players strive their hardest to prove their mettle. Because it is a twenty-over competition, the results are swiftly announced, and everyone gets to see their favorite team handily win.

1.       Ashes series

This series, regarded as one of the great rivalry series ever played between Australia and England, began in 1882 and has been known for its distinctive name ever since. Australia currently holds the trophy, while Shane Warne holds the record for most wickets taken. When the series begins, both nations go insane because each has a difficult history that they like to rewrite every time the two teams meet.

1.       Big Bash league

The Big Bash League, which was founded in 2011 by Cricket Australia, has been the focus of attention for many people throughout the world. This league is recognized for its fast-paced deliveries and rapid pitches, which make each match entertaining to watch. People in Australia, in particular, are really enthusiastic about the days when this league is played since, after all, it is the big bash.

1.       Global T20 Canada

The worldwide T20 league Canada, one of the newest in the format, provides a venue for six teams to compete to see who is the best. Global T20 Canada has quickly become one of the most popular tournaments to watch throughout the world, with each squad consisting of at least four local and foreign players.


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